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Digital Sketch Entry - Naruto And Sakura

An in between sketch while I contemplate how I wanna do the Final Fantasy request series.  Someone asked for Vormav of FF tactics and I thought it’d be wicked to add his Hashmalum form behind it, so I think the Final Fantasy Batch will be more detailed than the last sketch this post.

Anyway, here’s to contributing to the NS tag.  I found my tablet pen :) It’s been quite a while since I’ve done digital work.  I hope that I use both traditional and digital often, so I don’t get rusty in either department.  I apologize if any of my followers secretly may not like this ship.

Naruto: Sakura-chan is pretty even when she’s studying hard. *tucks stray hair behind her ear*

Sakura: [ … No good, I don’t think I can work flustered like this. Naruto you idiot] *blush*

PS: In the zoomed version, you can see Naruto bought her some juice from the shop and like in Starbucks where they label the drinks, the two’s cups are labeled with their names and a doodle.

(Fuente: ren-rabbit)

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